Redditors were shown the power of their vote, by placing their votes, in the context of real elections.
The campaign proved that small groups of voters can actually make a big impact.

After launch, our billboards began appearing on multiple subreddits.
These posts received a total of around 900,000 upvotes—all completely organically.

Unsurprisingly, redditors had quite a bit to say.

To reach an even wider audience, we followed up with social and display.

And on National Voter Registration Day, we hosted a series of AMAs about how to participate in this election.


Creative Director: Kevin Koller
Assoc. Creative Director: Jocelyn McCanles
Sr. Art Director: Brian Vandeputte
Sr. Copywriter: Scott Steele
Art Director: Ben Muckensturm
Producer: Anya Wilson
Assoc. Strategy Director: Kaitlyn Frysztak
Brand Manager: Parry Rominger
Agency: R/GA San Francisco

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