Hello there, Beautiful Internet Stranger 

At various points throughout my career, I’ve worked as an art director, creative director, designer, and occasional artist.

Across these assorted roles, my job has been to solve brands’ complexities and problems in simple, visually-pleasing ways with simple, conceptually-pleasing ideas. 

These aforementioned ideas have been expressed via multiple solutions: a viral, interactive treasure hunt game made for conspiracy-obsessed Swiftiesan OOH campaign encouraging Internet cynics (and real-life cynics) to votean 11-season social series for Gen Z by Gen Z helping them rediscover the fun in sports; a shiny new logo for a shiny new electric-vehicle company… you get the idea. 

Across all genres of projects, regardless of scope or timeline, I am committed to diversity, both in the people I work with and the projects I work on. It makes what I do and who I do it with more fulfilling. 

I hate having my picture taken 🫣


Google Brand Studio

Art Director


R/GA, San Francisco

Sr. Art Director Associate Creative Director


Argonaut, San Francisco

Art Director


180, Los Angeles

Art Director


Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Detroit

Jr. Art Director