After my team and I pitched and won Reddit, it became my main client for most of my time at R/GA SF. Below are all the campaigns I worked on.

REDDIT → Up the Vote

Redditors were shown the power of their vote, by placing their votes, in the context of real elections. The campaign proved that small groups of voters can actually make a big impact, by pairing Reddit posts with real race results from our markets.

After launch, our billboards began appearing on multiple subreddits. These posts received a total of around 900,000 upvotes—all organically.

Unsurprisingly, redditors had quite a bit to say.

And starting on National Voter Registration Day, we hosted a series of Up The Vote AMAs to share information on how to participate in the election.

REDDIT → Dive Into Anything

I’m told that Reddit is a place where people can dive into anything. So that’s what we told people. 

REDDIT → Maybe Together We’ll…

One thing we learned in 2021 is to never underestimate the power of Redditors. Anything can happen when people get together.

REDDIT → Thank You, Idiots

During 2020, we took a moment to thank Reddit for making self-isolation less isolating. 

To date, the film has received more than 31,000 upvotes on Reddit. Above are some of my favorites.
Made with Scott Steele, Kevin Koller, Jocelyn McCanles, Ben Muckensturm, Meghan Lai, Parry Rominger, Kaitlyn Frysztak and other talented people at R/GA San Francisco.
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